This page is an expanded resume of some of the work that I've done as an engineer since graduating from SFU in 1989.

My career has given me a lot of different experiences in a lot of different industries. Here's a brief summary, including coop jobs while in university:

2018 - Present Xantrex Canada Power Embedded firmware, CAN and TCP/IP protocols, automated code generation, automated testing, GUI development
2008 - 2017 Schneider Electric Solar Business
2002 - 2008 Xantrex Technology
2002, 2004 CAFA,
Performance Freediving
Sports Web development
1998-2001 Jenosys Technologies Electronic Bingo Software development
1995-1997 AutoMed Clinical Lab Automation Electronics, sensors and controls
1991-1995 Adara Systems Geotechnical Test Tools Electronics, sensors, embedded software, mechanical design
1989-1991 Techware Systems Semiconductor Fabrication Controls Electronics packaging, mechanical design
* 1988 Northern Telecom Telecomunications Manufacturing Manufacturing engineering
* 1986-1987 Nexus Engineering Cable TV Equipment Manufacturing engineering
* 1986 IBM Computer Systems Software testing
* 1984-1985 Robotic Systems International Subsea and Educational Robotics Electronic design, control systems
* Coop positions while in university

The more recent and interesting jobs have their own pages. Just click on a link to see.

Through my career, I've enjoyed doing the following activities the most:

  • Embedded software design
  • Working with relational databases
  • Programming in Python, Lisp and assembly language
  • Working with Microchip PIC microcontrollers
  • Working in Unix-like operating systems like QNX and Linux