Freediving the HMCS Annapolis

Tue 01 November 2016 by Tom Lightfoot

I'm going to go back in time a bit here to cover the backlog of some of the more interesting dives over this past year.

The HMCS Annapolis is the most recent and most local of the artificial reefs put down by the Artificial Reef Society of BC. It was sunk in April of 2015 in Halkett Bay in the SE corner of Gambier Island.

New members of the freediving community Don and Penny very kindly invited a few of us to come out on their boat to dive the Annapolis. On October 2 we headed out from Horseshoe Bay to check out this new wreck.

It turned out to be a fantastic day to dive, with calm seas, blue skies and great visibility. There's not much life there yet, just some barnacles, a few sea stars and a cloud of perch above the superstructure. However, I'm sure it will fill in nicely over the next few years. We started off diving the top of the hangar and then gradually worked our way forward to the smoke stacks and then the bridge before a quick sample of the stern before packing it in for the day.

Big thanks to Don and Penny for taking us out!

Here is a compilation of my video clips from the day:

Below are the photos: