Photo Galleries

Wed 02 November 2016 by Tom Lightfoot

The new website has been online for the past couple of days and I must say that I am pleased. The site doesn't have all the features that it used to such as random pictures and update via web browser but it is actually quite a bit easier to manage.

The main discovery here is that once the photos plug-in for Penguin is installed and set up, adding a photo gallery to a page is as easy as adding a single line that states where the directory of original photos is. Text files within the directory of original photos let me give them captions and specify which photos make it into the final gallery. The photos plug-in takes care of producing scaled versions of the originals for the thumbnail and big versions. The template engine determines how the photos are laid out.

This site is mostly about sharing photos and videos so easy creation of photo galleries is a must.

On the update side, I can upload only the new/changed files to the server with a single command:

make rsync_upload

This is way faster than uploading pics one at a time and captioning them via a web interface.

I might poke around a bit with different themes and modifying existing themes but I think I've found a winner with the underlying technology.